BGA organic mineral fertilizer

The main ingredients of BGA organic mineral fertilizer are urban and rural waste such as plant residues, sawdust, branches, corn pods and leaves. BGA mineral organic fertilizer consists 70% of organic waste and 30% of mineral waste. The organic part contributes to better germination which aides in plant development, and the mineral part is needed after the plant has depleted the organic part.

BGA is very important for protecting land, food safety, environmental safety and increasing farmer's incomes, which improves people's quality of life.

It also reduces the need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

BGA increases the growth of plants and trees, increases the amount of crops in extremely unfavourable conditions, such as: drought, cold, ultraviolet disturbances, infertile and saline soils, heavy pollution and in places with little sunlight.

BGA improves the natural taste of crops.

Quantities and methods of application for BGA organic mineral fertilizer

To calculate how much BGA organic mineral fertilizer you need to apply to your crop in a given year, you can calculate by simply selecting the categories below. In this manner you will achieve optimal results for your crops.

Type of land
Small field
Big field
Tree plantations
Type of crops
State of the soil

Working with

Without BGA

After four years of using chemical fertilizers, the soil is depleted; the same culture, in our case these are eggplants, no longer thrive

With BGA

After four years of using BGA, the nutrients in the soil have been replenished and are more than sufficient for the eggplants to thrive. Annual rotation of the crops is therefore not necessary.

BGA organic mineral fertilizer 25kg

The bag contains 25kg of BGA organic mineral fertilizer.

25,00 EUR

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is BGA?
It is a revolutionary fertilizer as there is no similar one on the market. The main components of BGA organic mineral fertilizer are urban and rural wastes such as crop residues, sawdust, branches, corn pods and leaves. BGA organic mineral fertilizer consists 70% of organic waste and 30% is mineral part. The organic part contributes to better germination and plant development and the mineral part is needed when the plant depletes the organic part.
What is an organic mineral fertilizer?
BGA organic mineral fertilizer is a natural and environmentally friendly fertilizer. It is a sustainable way of growing crops, as crop rotation is no longer necessary, which means that we do not devastate the land. When organic fertilizers decompose, they improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to retain water and nutrients. By using organic fertilizers, your soil will be healthier and stronger and the plant itself will be more resistant to any diseases.
How much fertilizer do I need and how do I use it?
The best result with BGA organic mineral fertilizer is to mix fertilizer together with the soil. Example: If you want to plant a tomato seedling in a larger plant pot, add between 30 and 40 g of BGA organic mineral fertilizer and cover up to half of the pot with soil. Mix, water well and insert a tomato seedling. We cover with the rest of the soil almost to the top of the pot and our work is done. If you are planting in your garden, field or big fields, click on the link for quantities.
Alternatively, BGA organic fertilizer is soluble in water, which means that top-dressing is also possible with this preparation. This can be done by adding 12g of BGA organic mineral fertilizer per liter of water and shake vigorously. Leave it for 24 hours in a dark place. Shake again before use.
What are the benefits of organic mineral fertilizers?
The advantages of BGA organic mineral fertilizer are: better food quality, higher yield, water saving, environment protection, better plant immune system, ....
When and why useing fertilizer?
Fertilization with BGA organic mineral fertilizer is recommended from February to November. It is a revolutionary fertilizer, as the inventor dr. Zhang Jianmin demolished the concept of standard plant nutrition. Soil, fertilizers and plants each have their own energy spectrum. For normal growth, the plant needs not only a sufficient amount of nutrients, but above all an energetically harmonious spectrum of all factors. If the soil and fertilizer are in harmony with the energy spectrum of the plant, plants easily absorb the necessary nutrients for their growth. If the soil and fertilizer are not harmoniously connected, the plants find it harder to absorb nutrients for their growth.
For which types of crops is organic mineral fertilizer suitable?
BGA organic mineral fertilizer is suitable for all garden plants, ornamental as well as fruit plants and trees, lawns, ...
How to improve and increase yield?
By using BGA organic mineral fertilizer, we significantly improve the rate of plant photosynthesis (up to 25%) so it can significantly improve and increase yields. With BGA, the yield is 30% to 70% higher, depending on the individual crop.
Method of payment and delivery time.
You can also order BGA organic mineral fertilizer online. You can use a credit card or PayPal system online, and we can also send you a pro forma invoice for larger quantities. Delivery is arranged through the company GLS Slovenia within two to three days after we receive the payment.
Is fertilizer efficiency guaranteed?
All of BGA users have been satisfied with BGA organic mineral fertilizer. Efficiency is ensured through a number of scientific studies and United Nations recognitions for eco restoration and sustainable development.
Do I need any additional fertilizer besides BGA?
No other fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides are necessary.